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!love & hate Toronto!

November 5, 2014 - theuniverse -

many artists try to find fortune and fame in cities like Berlin and Montreal. they’re socialising themselves at vernissages en masse, finissages and superficial short-term friendships to find a corner in the spotlight.
if they wanna go, let them go, here is nice, here is fine…

I came to Toronto in the end of the winter this year. the snow melted and once the white surface was gone, all the dirt crawled out of the sewage, the caves, their living rooms. overwhelmed by a loud, fast and dirty city I had to go and left for a couple of month to work in the bush (but that’s another story…)

that’s how I felt and I was wrong. Toronto’s (art-)scene is actually great. I had big luck to crash into the Dean-family, including Ann (painter), Tom (sculptor), Ginger (art connoisseur, cook) Cosmo (sculptor, construction worker). the whole family establishes a melting pot in terms of art and politics within an open space – their place – open for everybody, their home.

b&w_toronto_island 6

I was still infected by the ‘berlin-virus’ – I got in 2011 – and it’s whole unimportance evolved out of an over saturation of painters, singer-song-writers, perfomance-artists, photographers with a lack of demand. the mainstream takes over and destroys the habitat of a mixture of scenes they never contributed too..

Toronto is a metropolis with a gigantic business districts and entertainment, music and TV settle down here. with these genres, a certain kind of humans conquer a town and take over room, that pushes subversive counter-cultures aside. however, old story, rents are getting higher and living is not affordable, but still, the art and music-scene seems to be very alive – and well.

walking between high rises, condos, skyscrapers and suburban-like residential areas, I found my little paradise as a photographer. I don’t know if I’m a photographer, what I do is exploring the world around me with my camera – does it make me a photographer? I guess it depends on the point of view. I choose to choose different angles and keep wandering along places I almost hate, to find the beauty in the detail I love so much.

b&w_toronto_island 7

[Nikon FM2 / 35-105mm / 3.5 Kodak / Portra 400 / Epson 3200]


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