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January 25, 2015 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

I tried to write – and denied . . .

leaving the continent and finding faith and fortune on the other side of the world doesn’t necessarily work the way you want it, but it’s most likely an adventure and fun and packed with failures. a languages’ specific grammar don’t travel, so the following happened to me:

I took a pencil, a postcard and started writing – in German! and it didn’t work.

living and working in English for about a year now means, that some essential things concerning words, speech, the use of your tongue and hence the grammar change. In the German alphabet for example the letter ß, called “esszett” (IPA: [ɛsˈtsɛt]) or “sharp S”, exists and is used in various verbal constructions like the universal ‘scheiße’ (shit). furthermore there are grammatical constructions like the so called “Umlaut” or “vowel” marking a sound change in the speech.

  • ä → ae
  • ö → oe
  • ü → ue
  • Ä → Ae
  • Ö → Oe
  • Ü → Ue
  • ß → ss (or SZ)


long story: I was simply not capable any more of writing down a short note in my mother language, because I always use the ‘wrong’ grammar for German writing on my computer. In consequence my mind took over those “SS” and “AE”, “UE” I put into my dialogues with German fellows and implement them once I try to write postcards in German. it apparently leaves me with a slight brain damage and now I need way more time to write down my thoughts – but maybe that’s not even a bad thing . . .

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