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October 6, 2015 - mirrormirror / romanticpathofselfdestruction -

Yesterday I had a -human- no thank you day . . .

Everywhere I look it´s crowded, too many ppl buying to much stuff they don´t need and too many baggers are asking for help. But you can´t help them all… frustrating. You´re helpless your self. I can´t help, need to help my self first… I´m grossed out… too many ppl. Everyone is just eating and buying stuff and getting fatter and buying more stuff… I know I just have a day like this, cause usally I love watching all these different ppl and there is a lot of beauty to see how everyone acts with another.

But today I see the trash everywhere, my city is getting dirty and trashy, feels like going back in time, everywhere I go it smells like piss and no one cares about the enviroment and no one want´s to help and no one smiles or is caring …. ok not NO one, but not enough… But I´m not better, I´m also a victim of consumption… I just at least realize at least? and I try my best… but still, maybe we all try our best or we all probably realize? or maybe not… we could do way better.

However, this picture reminds me of those world ending movies like “signs” where two young ppl look into their future, maybe after saving what´s left of the planet or maybe while hoping to survive the war or whatever, but it´s beautiful and they have hope, but this picture isn´t a movie, its real and even if there are no Aliens coming, the future we r looking at, is kinda the same but there is also still hope….

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