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Living with a Mermaid – feature by Jason Steltman

August 12, 2014 - romanticpathofselfdestruction / theuniverse -

fire and water

trees and rocks

for four days i left behind the city of Toronto on a journey to northern Ontario. I was heading to an island in the heart of Georgian Bay, along with a dear childhood friend. It became apparent to me, after just a day living with her, that she was certainly a mermaid; born in the space where the rocks and the water meet.

we fell asleep to a fire, we woke up to heavy rain

the world simplified itself in front of me, and was clear the powerful work of nature at play.

the storms, they spoke to us. cleansing our souls, washing clean our high minds

the fire, the heart of our home. the power of sun contained, created, warmed us from the outside in

i would return to the city with an a new perspective. It was pure there, it was dirty back here. But to reflect on the beauty that I became apart of is a truly awakening experience. I felt the space between the air and water as the birthplace of my soul; where the wind finds its home.



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