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December 14, 2018 - mirrormirror -

how dirty laundry keeps families together in a very weird and innocent way . . .

mine doesn’t but she inconveniently lives on the other side of the planet.

all throughout my life (I’m 32 and a half) anywhere i traveled i happened – sooner or later – to run into someone, who packs up their dirty cloth, packs them into a car or carries them in a wheeled suitcase across rivers and oceans to have mommy take care of it.

i knew a guy from Cologne in Germany, a registered massage therapist I actually never got a massage from because at the time, our early twenties, it felt awkward having your buddy rub your back and else. anyhow as long as we were in touch with each other he never missed his weekly trip back rural, where his mom does his laundry. Cologne is a big city, a million people and most definitely laundry related services.

the carpenter on the west coast of British Columbia in Canada, who owns and renovates his own house, works long days on a neighbor island to make his what he calls ‘sweat payments’ to stem his mortgage, till his house is appraised by banks high enough to pull more capital out to pump them into other (building) projects.
i admit access to a laundry machine on a small island is more limited than in cities, but you still would find yourself able to resolve the issue, if it wasn’t for your mother.
so once a week the detour (but is it?) has him zig zag til laundry is done and family another time re-grouped.

I mean there is laundromats like ‘laundrolounge’ or’laundrolette’ and they have in common that they do laundry. automated. they often have wifi, at least television and – if you like – you might even run into someone you enjoy talking to – believe me it still happens!

as of my own mother i have to say, that she never had me or my five sibling do our own laundry at home, simply because she managed such huge loads of cloths, that we likely would have turned the task into a disaster.
she efficiently would skip ironing except one of us had a court- or other very important date.

a bottom line of all this stinky, dirty laundry talk:

get your own laundry machine and visit your mother!

let’s see how that goes.

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