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knock down barns

January 14, 2017 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

a board game the world unknowingly was waiting for. it will change your life. promise . . .

Greg worked as a demolition man around Chicago, sometimes taking down barns.
after a day’s hard work he and a bunch of friends got drunk and played Jenga.
it didn’t take long, before they started trying to knock down each others towers, contemplating
the meaning of destroying somebody else’s ‘fundament’.


so the game is essentially about building a solid structure, which metaphorically can be seen
as the fortress of your very existence and your assailant will try to demolish it.
the only way to defend yourself lies in the elaborate construction, the more sturdy your tower,
the less likely your opponent has a chance to take it down.


there’s quite a few rules to the battle, making the game challenging and – in first place – a lot of
fun. attacking your friends’ comfort zone (another metaphor) with puffy cannon balls might very
well change your attitude and perspective towards life(-chances), existence and how serious you
take the future.

obviously there is a way to play while drinking, although the game is a hit without, but then who
wants to have fun without drinking?


Greg Burhop is not simply the inventor of Knock-Down-Barns, he also promotes his game while Uber-driving, where he leaves one or the other piece of the board-game in the back, until
a curious customer asks him about it … let’s play!

if you’re into it and you happen to have a bunch of friends you’d like to bombard, follow this link:


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