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IM ANGEBOT / ‘on sale’ – a store for recycled food

November 5, 2016 - mirrormirror -

edible food, that would go to waste gets a second chance in a grocery store 2.0 in Leipzig, Germany . . .
where’s the difference between companies dumping over-produce and the human being over-loading their plate at the food-bank knowing the rest will be dumped, while late people go empty-handed? there is no nig difference, it’s about the attitude behind the wasteful act and the general distribution of goods in this world. but with willingness to change and education things could become a little bit better.

In the funny ‘What If?’ (by Randall Munroe), a ‘collection of scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions’, the author points out in one example, how our global food reserves would last us 4 – 5 weeks, if (pre-)destributed and processed. so, what would you do with a sack of wheat, but no idea how to mill it? it is common knowledge, that we have enough to eat on this planet and it is common knowledge as well, that faulty distribution and hence Mal-nutrition (of course there’s many other factors) still kills millions of people.
and we make it possible, through ignorance and denial and that we don’t eat what touches the ground (exception: you got a dog, or you are a dog), or passed the expiry date, or has a black, or moldy spot somewhere.

last year my wife April worked with a girl at a candle-factory, that – seriously – feeds her dog avocado, if its slightly yellow .. she must really like him, giving away a delicious fruit in its prime (I’d say the dog doesn’t – consciously – care too much about what it gets). distribution and other examples like our wastefulness are the root of our biggest failures we apparently are not capable to overcome.
but then we went to Leipzig and – literally – ran into a business concept that appears to be more modern than we like to pretend to be:


someone came up with the late, but great idea to put products back into the chain of capitalism and back onto the shelves, which would otherwise fall out of the regular citizens consume-pattern and go to waste. this somewhat post-dumpster-diving urban development has the potential to (land-)fills – in a micro-sense – a part of the gap between poor and rich in Germany. maybe that’s the reason why a business concept, that includes expired, damaged or labeled wrong goods can be successful – beggars aren’t choosers, right?
in Germany dumpster-diving lies in a legal grey zone and is partially criminalized. it can be stealing. in consequence stores put steel locks on their dumpster to keep people out of ‘their garbage’. then I heard, that state-organized waste removal turns the problem into governments hand, so you’re stealing (garbage) from the government – at this point you should watch ‘Idiocracy’ …

I have a lot of personal experience and I’ve heard enough stories about how virtually anything goes to waste at one point and I wish more (even better off) people are going to help recycling / re-using instead of wasting. I mean, even cows – with their ‘Rumination’ or cud-chewing – digest fodder a second time.


however, it looks like a compromise that brings poor people – who might not want to rummage through garbage -, alternative groups with ideas for better handling of our resources and the profit seeking stores and chains together – it’s cheap(er), still edible, surprising (always changing stuff) and you can even buy alcohol, which is not very surprising.

If you’re hungry now, there’s also 2nd-chance bakeries popping up in urban areas, maybe in your city too.

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