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I Mother Earth

January 30, 2015 - whoneedslove -

yesterday we went to the song release of Canadian alternative rock band I Mother Earth, but we didn’t get to hear the song . . . to be honest: I hadn’t heard of the combo until a few months ago. I tried myself as a cook in a Peruvian restaurant and the chef happens to be the drummer / percussionist of the band. he told me the story of his life as a musician and the newest tune they were recording and that it’s ‘going to be crazy’, it would hit the country like a bomb…’ Danni is passionate, that’s the truth, I listened to some songs with my wife on youtube, we were disappointed, that’s also part of the truth. the truth is different for everybody, we just couldn’t listen to a grungy, noisy and forceful Kurt-Cobain-like music that very night. they released ‘the devils engine’ anyways and we were invited to join cosy, little event to be one of the first to listen to it. that failed. they had a special lounge with bar set up for their community and two dozen Ipads, with the song on it, placed on chest high cubes. we decided to wait for the band to play the song for the first time live on stage.

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we were impressed. the band gave a great show without any dumb talk or other signs of being out there just to fill their pockets with some money. they were authentic and I understand, why they still have a solid fan community, they’re real and they rock. Bryan Byrne, the singer of the band, just turned 40 and he’s the living prove of an understanding of a rock-spirit in a greater sense. he doesn’t act, he believes what he preaches and we could feel his power coming in little avalanches down the stage. some of the other band members look like weiners, who chose to live a more regular lifestyle, that fits into the boxes of a 9-5 adjusted environment, but they know how to play their instruments. Byrne is there to complete and to lead them whilst not behaving like a douche, but giving the audience the feeling, that he actually enjoys what he’s doing.

I’m probably not going to become a groupie and I’m not going to listen to their albums every day, but I’d go and see a concert, whenever I have the chance to – it was simple, it was good!

[Nikon D300/35-105mm_3.5]

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  1. Grimble says:

    For what it’s worth, the rest of the band is extremely rock and rock to the core. You don’t have a sense for what the band dynamic is, obviously (as it sounds like you’re rather swiftly chalking a lot of your interpretation up to the members’ aesthetics), but Jag and Christian (the guitarist and drummer, respectively) are the core writers of the band – Jag the music, Christian the vocals/lyrics – and have been since the band’s inception in the ’90s.

    Jag still works as a producer and engineer on a litany of projects, and Christian has been off doing social work around the globe in the band’s downtime. Bruce Gordon, the bassist, plays with various projects, but most of his time is with the Blue Man Group, as I understand it. They’re all unbelievably talented, well beyond what was in display that night (I was also in attendance).

    I would hardly say their music is reminiscent of a Kurt Cobain (maaaybe their earliest work has a hint of that, but certainly not since), but I’m glad you liked it that night. Perhaps you’ll find the time and interest in investigate the rest of their catalogue and find something you enjoy as much – they do cover a LOT of stylistic terrain throughout.

  2. says:

    IME and Nirvana (Kurt Cobain) are not alike. They both write great songs that sound raunchy but are quite catchy, other than that, their writing styles and sound is very different. But first opinions can be “that-way”. A song like “Another Sunday” does have a 90’s sound.
    I was also at this show and WHY you didn’t listen to the new song baffles me. It was simple to grab the headphones and listen. **Thanks again IME!
    Btw They didn’t play the new song live that night, but they did treat us to an acoustic cover of WAR PIGS.
    **Thanks again IME!
    I’m not getting into an argument here, but ALL members of IME are great musicians with incredible attitudes towards their fans and their music. I don’t think they think too hard about having a rock-star image. I’m not sure I understand your implications about the members in the band…. I’ve seen them play for hrs on end; going haarrrrrd! – These guys are the real deal.
    My favorite Canadian band for a few simple reasons. Best lyrics ever! & numerous, incredible tones, melodies, and instrumentation.
    **Thanks again IME.
    I am me. – Chevy LoveBone

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35mm film photography and messy writing about the boring human features of people . contagious. accidental. coincidental. featured on blog. story about sailing, drugs, puppy litters, abuse,
35mm film photo series about the boring human feature of yawning. contagious. accidental. coincidental.
35mm film photo series about the boring human feature of yawning. contagious. accidental. coincidental. featured on blog