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hor(r)o(r)scopes #5 – mount pleasant

March 20, 2016 - whoneedslove -

twice a month we leave the planet and reach for the stars. we grab a snippet out of an endless stream of shredded paper and recycle the future for you . . .

todays snippet for all of you under the sky: ‘all-inclusive Mount Pleasure Park’

Photo 2016-01-22, 7 40 37 PM-1024x1024

we like to buy. we like to buy as much as we can, because we like buying. we also want to believe, that ‘all-inclusive’ is getting us somehow an advantage from capitalism, kinda beating the system with its own weapons: all-I-can-eat-and-drink, until we’re convinced we got a good deal – how foolish, how foolish.
I happen to live in an area right now, where a battle has been fought over a wild piece of nature, in which a bunch of hyper-capitalistic-cocksuckers are trying to build one of the worlds biggest resorts, all inclusive. talking about this and other shameful achievements of mankind a friend recently said: ‘we’re the cancer on the face of earth’ – amen!

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