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hor(r)o(r)scopes #4 – chocolate festival

February 19, 2016 - whoneedslove -

twice a month we leave the planet and reach for the stars. we grab a snippet out of an endless stream of shredded paper and recycle the future for you . . .

todays snippet for all of you under the sky: ‘Hot Chocolate Festival’

Photo 2016-01-22, 7 39 53 PM-1024x1024

ok, where is it, and when? are they having soy and almond and lactose free hot chocolates as well? a chocolate latte, or a mocha? I wanna dive into a bathtub filled with nutella, wrap myself up in Crêpe and bed me in dreams of whipped cream and chocolate chips.

don’t give up – the universe loves you!


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