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hor(r)o(r)scopes #3 – overpopulation

January 24, 2016 - whoneedslove -

twice a month we leave the planet and reach for the stars. we grab a snippet out of an endless stream of shredded paper and recycle the future for you . . .

todays snippet for all of you under the sky: ‘Kemal dies at age 91’

Photo 2016-01-22, 7 39 27 PM-1024x1024

oh, how terrible, my condolences. but honestly: a very trendy topic is to discuss our planets overpopulation, migration, war/climate/wealth-refugees and everybody has a more or less educated opinion about what’s going on on earth. and we are so WRONG! one thing is medicine, hygiene and technology letting us live so long, until our bodies are falling apart and we’re getting diapered by underpaid nurses and / or breath and eat through machines – zombies inhabiting the planet. the other thing is, that – as so often – we absolutely don’t know what we’re talking about. this guy here knows, he’s awesome, watch it, now!

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