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hitchhikers ride to more empathy #10

October 11, 2015 - theuniverse -

we hit the streets, thumbs up, down the road – portraying the people, who give us a ride! welcome to new adventures and undiscovered paths…


Have you ever ended up hitchhiking to a farm with your own little river view cabin that has a wood stove sauna? We did it twice, here’s the first one:

Espanola is one of those beautiful shitholes where you don’t really wanna stay too long, but something somehow attracts you and you romanticise the place right when you’re gone.

Beth from Espanola picked us up and kissed us with her hospitality the moment the sun kissed earth good night.

she brought us to her farm and Beth and then dropped us off with a bunch of beers on the porch of the cutest little house I’ve ever seen. we fired up the sauna and joined the local polar bear club by jumping into the river (it had icebergs floating on it) – to be honest with you: I fell in trying to dip my feet in.

Beth you’re a selfless soul and you’re another proof that the Sudbury area is a home for hitchhikers – thumbs up!

Lukas8910_33 Lukas8910_35 Lukas8910_36 Lukas8910_30

[Nikon FM2/35-105mm_3.5/Kodak Portra 400]

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