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hitchhikers guide to more empathy #23 – a little man with no little man syndrome

May 4, 2017 - theuniverse -

we meet many people through our life time, that happen to grow shorter than others . . . 

being an average-size human being (yes, including my junk)

I can’t fully picture what small humans have to deal with – definitely with a lot of assholes.

it get’s difficult when little people turn out to assholes themselves. what then?

if you tell them they’re an asshole they’ll accused you of being a bully.

but this post is not about midget assholes (excuse the political incorrectness), but about a little man, who has such a big heart, a strong character

and lots of muscle, he doesn’t need to be an asshole. and I bet he has been treated rudely often in his life. still he became a logger / woodworker

who’d likely take you down in a split second if he has to.

moral of this talk: just be nice to other people, regardles if short, purple, or a big penis – just be nice!

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