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hitchhikers guide to more empathy #20 – OH Canada! OH Marijuana!

January 27, 2017 - theuniverse -

we picked up a hitchhiker you probably wouldn’t have picked up . . .

we actually do that all the time. we share our tiny mobile space with the ones, who smell, are drunk, (passively) aggressive, down on their luck, or simply having a great time.
since we’re having a great time too, it seems to be easier to keep judgmental thoughts at bay and trust in people.

I’m not going to lecture you another round after the Christmas-edition, and I hope you’ve had a festive time and (maybe) our words have inspired your new years’ resolutions to include
opening your world to other human beings, instead of pretending to – and again I’m lecturing…

the story behind this wonderful creature here is short:

Chris made the worst hitchhiker of the fading 2016. no bag. no coat. pretty much winter and potentially up to no good. well, that’s what we love the most and as we’re stopping regardless of gender, fashion, state of mind, this man with the best / worst shades of the century hopped into our car.
he turned out to be extremely hungover, coming from a little bender at his buddy’s place and only needed a lift back home to Nelson (Kootenays).
his odor was as intense as the combined smell of all the customers in a buzzing dispensary, turning the lobby into a hot-box.
but Canada and especially British Columbia have been loosening up provincial laws making the widely spread consumption of weed a little bit less outlawed (which is ridiculous anyways).

If I had something to say in local governing, I’d make Chris the symbol of a youth, that should roll joints, hit bongs and chill-ax (just learned that), hitch rides and stay out of trouble.

mission accomplished!

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