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hitchhikers guide to more empathy #18 – the Island / Trump Issue

November 10, 2016 - theuniverse -

and Utopia does exist! in form of communities that encourage hitchhiking between places . . .
we’re currently waiting for a batch of 35mm film to be developed including new stories, faces and experiences, but I found a great example to burn some time:

on Salt Spring Island, part of the Southern Gulf Islands located on the Pacific not far from Vancouver, hitchin a ride is not just legal, they literally want you to do it.
they put up ‘car-stops’ and local hitchhiking spots, instead of the ‘hitchhiking not permitted & pick-up is illegal’ bullshit all over North America.
a lifestyle, that saves money, is easier on the environment and enhances the spirit of togetherness and sharing is often illegal and especially in the U.S. too often criminalized. just go on and rummage through (horror-)stories of travelers getting involved with some cowboy-cop, who’s just waiting for you to become upset so he can give you a lift – haha – downtown.

I love the approach of these islands here to answer general fear fueled by a propaganda-mix of journalists tied to industries, parties, governments. going out and picking somebody up is statistically not more risky, than getting shot trespassing on a Texas-ranch.

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