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hitchhikers guide to more empathy #15 – the soul catchers

April 10, 2016 - theuniverse -

we hit the streets, thumbs up, down the road – portraying people, who give us a ride! welcome to new adventures and undiscovered path . . .

I picked up Lucas from the side of the highway thinking he was waiting for the bus. as it turned out he just ran away from the island, his home. he went to high school there and worked at the local bar. not too long ago his Dad kicked him out and he ended up – with a small duffel bag and a blanket – on uncertain roads.
he might be poor and doesn’t know where to go, but seemed to be happy and open for everything new.
I dropped him off in Nelson, where he waited in front of a cafe to get picked up by a school bus from the Seven Tribes, a religious community helping out people, who’re curious or/and desperate.
I don’t believe in the (always) conditioned ‘help’ religion has to offer. recruiting future followers of some god in return for bread and water is selfish and terrible…



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