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hitchhikers drive to more empathy – #winterBREAK

November 12, 2014 - theuniverse -

we hit the streets, thumbs up, down the road – portraying the people, who give us a ride! welcome to new adventures and undiscovered paths…

almost three weeks ago I walked down the road for a the last time before winter. it was a Monday, grey and rainy, nobody likes that.
I built a little shelter out of a tarp and my stuff for Muli, my dog. the next three hours pass by, nobody stops and the only consistency is the water from above. Within eight hours of getting wet and tired I make a hundred kilometres. I’m loosing hope, I barely can raise my arm no more. but if I took something from this summer, then the belief, that there is always better weather coming and always someone, who picks you up – sooner or later.


I’ve also learned from endless highways, that life is following a road. it can be rocky, going uphill for a long time, but there will always be the opportunity to pave your path, to renew it and one morning you will race or float downhill towards new adventures. there are curves, intersections, dead ends, wrong turns, but it’s your own way.

we made it another time, through cold and rain, to Thunder Bay and… turned around.

It was an epic spring, summer and fall. we slept in the ditch, behind gas stations, on fields and in backyards. we were desperate, manic, fortunate – I love this life, I love the people I meet, I love the world I see.

winter is coming and my feet are still itchy, so why not riding the trains? wait for it!

here’s a selection of some of the guys, who gave a us a lift:

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if you wanna check out or last ride, follow the link down the road…

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