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hitchhikers drive to more empathy – round #2

September 8, 2015 - theuniverse -

tadaaa, tatatatadaaaa.. we went back to highways and streets of the world, to saunas and icebergs from Ontario to B.C. – check it out:


I’m always bashing the regular life. I hate it so much, but I’m living parts of it and eventually I meet a nice example of its kind:

Craig was our first ride after we left Toronto in mid April. driving his wifes car he tells us about their daughter who traveled Europe with her boyfriend. they flew over to meet up with them in spain. (or did they just go on an expensive trip to check on the kids?) however, he said they ended up buying them toothbrushes – both were worn out and tired from the road and had only three hairs on their brushes… I understand the metaphor and I’m thankful my parents would never chase me like that. On top of that Craigs care goes further and he insists on giving us $40 for dinner after buying us bagels and tea and paying for a speeding ticket he got while talking to us – thanks to Craig and sorry for hitchhiking, causing nothing but trouble.

[Olympus Trip35 / Kodak Gold 400]

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