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hitchhikers drive to more empathy – #6

October 28, 2014 - theuniverse -

we hit the streets, thumbs up, down the road – portraying the people, who give us a ride! welcome to new adventures and undiscovered paths…


robin&tara (bartender, butterfly)

this time we were being enlightened. I had been thinking a lot about speed limits in North America. 100 km/h for cars, same for trucks. it just wouldn’t make sense to me, why trucks aren’t supposed to drive way slower. a fully loaded truck (40 tons) is probably the equivalent to a 40 t TNT-rocket. but that’s not the end of the story. my theory is, that, because of the fact that cars are not allowed to be driven faster than 100 km/h, the majority of the people, always speeds their cars up to an average between 90-120. who follow the law (more or less). that leads to a lot of traffic and latest, when the highway shrinks down to just one lane into each direction, the race begins.

robin literally rapes his car, passing by every single car on his way. no offence, he is a very good driver, but in several situations we were close to taking off into the woods. he’s not alone on the race track and other guys go up to 140/150 too. it seems to be quite popular here and we’re constantly gaining experience hitchhiking across Canada…

but this time it felt like field study between life and death.

if you wanna check out or last ride, follow the link down the road…

[all photographs Nikon FM2 on kodak portra 400]

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