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going tree planting with a helicopter

November 29, 2015 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

flying to a job is exciting enough to take a bunch of photos and get some video footage, after that it’s a pain in the butt . . .

wanna fly, watch this:

tree planting supervisors like to make their planters believe, that getting on a so called ‘heli-show’ is part of the payment, something thats just for those, who haven proven themselves in the field, those, who’ve made themselves valuable enough. those, who have done those jobs before tell you right away: yeah it’s exciting, butterflies and so on, but after max three days you wish you could walk in.


the reasons are simple:

if it’s too foggy and rainy the heli simply can’t land and you might end up having a day off in camp drinking and doing nothing.

getting to your piece with a heli means you’re going to start late, if the line up is big, you’re going to be very late, some planters don’t put a single tree in before eleven and you wanna be back in time to catch a ride home so you leave the field around five.


on most blocks the tree boxes get dropped in by the pilot, many crews, poor management, or other mistakes lead to caches (pile of boxes) on the wrong spot – if you bag up on the other side of your block, you got a lot of walking..


however all these factors can make your day very very inefficient and might leave you empty handed or with $80 after a whole day out in the wild. I’ve learned from it and as exciting as I was before my first flight, I’m going to volunteer to any accessible blocks instead of flying – next one please!





[NikonFM2 / Velvia50 / cross processed]

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