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For the love of flying

December 3, 2015 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -


50350003 50350005

the terror of takeoff

Are we all going down in flames?

It’s been seventeen hours since I had a cigarette…

Ah man I wanna GO somewhere – Anywhere

eat some weird shit, be lost

feel stupid; be ignorant

lose shit; get ripped off

not understand anything

meet Germans in hostels

get too drunk, do drugs

maybe have sex with somebody (but probably not)

jump in the ocean hungover

chase coconuts early

watch the sun set properly

i wanna be stared at by locals who despise me:

the thousands before;

the thousands to follow.

i wanna watch argentinians make tacky hippy jewelry

(so smug)

reggae dancing sweating marrywan

dreadlocks a uniform choice

jah rasta far-eye

i wanna fly

window seat, anxious jitterbugs

clouds looking so unreal

i wanna feel that fear you feel when wheels bounce off the tarmac

i wanna pretend im not scared

sweaty palms

knuckles too white

blurt inanities at anyone who speaks my language

I wanna talk like an Australian with an Australian

“remember fatty’s fucking catch?!”

feel and see the miracles of god

where the days are long and warm, someday

for the love of flying



photos all on Nikon FM2n. Various films, 50mm

costa rica

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