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dumpster heaven

December 12, 2014 - mirrormirror -

me, you, your room-mates, your family, the people you like and everybody else throw out things I/you/they don’t want any more. why? right! because we suck! . . .

we dump millions of tons of edible food year after year. it seems to be something natural that comes with our life styles, with civilisation in general, with being civilised.
a bit of mould, a tiny black spot – dumping, a perverse form of casual damage within the eternal cycle of the humans diet.

there’s nothing new or sensational about shipping dairy from Europe to South Africa because we would rather have an overproduction here than a shortage. there might be some farmers, who try to survive but can’t compete on the world market and therefore not with the price of milk and hence loose their customers, but who cares – here.

don’t question why it has to go that way, it’s the way capitalism works, the free market, the free world. congratulations to living in a world somebody freed for you, they cleared the air and trained you and eventually send you to a higher school of learning.

but the truth is you’re trapped in fog not knowing where to go.

learning on and off the street can take a lot but give you even more if you try – just try it one single time, get out of your fucking comfort zone and take something that has already been paid for and CONSUME IT!

digging through garbage has never been as beautiful! (follow the link to a guide to cheaper living)

[Nikon FM2/28mm_2.8/Kodak Portra 400]


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  1. Kat Ba says:

    Nice one luke these are superb

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