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don’t litter Mr. Tim Hortons!

January 4, 2015 - mirrormirror -

the larger the scale of production the less you can trust a company to have sustainability or/and eco-friendliness on their to-do-lists – true or not true? garbage is a matter of fact! everywhere!

tranquillized by the overwhelming Christmas dinner(s) we went for a walk to burn some fat and we walk and stroll not taking notice of the litter which is around us any time anywhere until I found a pattern.

the pattern:

if you run a giant coffee shop chain (around 3000 stores in Canada) you attract pretty much everybody across the entire society.
I mean if you go to the local place around the corner you pay more you might get a better hot beverage and you can assume that those customers don’t toss their cup once they’re finished slobbering. plus: cities are paved thus sealed – except what goes down into the sewer and finally into the nature.

ok I’m loosing track here, the point is: within all the good people there is still enough buttheads who dump their shit wherever they go (the pattern), in the ditch, the forest, creeks, lakes, even during tree planting in the wilderness we found Tim Hortons cups.

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I assume there is a whole bunch of people not capable of bringing their garbage back from a walk. since these guys are clearly not taking over the responsibility for their doing, someone has to? who? I guess it’s you Mr. Timmies! with the profits you make you should be able to hire a crew of ten people, who clean up an area of 500 square metres around the store. that should be enough, because your crappy ‘restaurant’ is literally everywhere.

and they could stop handing out tea (very hot) in two cups (so you don’t burn your fingers) – come on, that’s ridiculous


and also on the beach, so long Mr. Tim Hortons and happy travels!

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