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sell your blood – plasma donation for living

October 19, 2016 - mirrormirror -

I sold my blood plasma for over four years to fund my love for alcohol and cigarettes, now I look like a heroin junkie . . .

2 – 3 jobs, but constantly broke, in university and partying every minute I could spare I blew up all the money I made. though I still haven’t felt as poor yet as I should considering poverty lines and government statistics about average household incomes etc. wealth seems – for most – only to be mirrored by your account balance and the good fellow citizen (in my eyes) tends to fail to achieve anything other than following societies guidelines and little helpers to survive the cul-de-sac imprisonment – but that’s another story. back to blood: the members of ‘society’ I met and sometimes got to know personally were rather students, housewives looking to make more money for the family bacon, older single man and a lot of seniors. I don’t know much about old people, but they should do gardening and go to coffee places instead of having to go to a place where they jam a needle into your vein to drain about a liter returning it after running it through a computer operated machine. well, already that sounds pretty scary to me, but on top of it you surrender 1 – 2 hours for $20, that’s minimum wage and it won’t get you above the poverty line even if you go up to four times a week. people faint the more often they go, if you’re walking on a cane you shouldn’t fall to begin with.


me and my buddy Froelix in Dresden, 2011

however, I almost enjoyed the routine like roosting chickens, or cows giving red milk. I even started liking the needle from which both my arm bends look like I’m shooting up. but I couldn’t keep myself from looking at people, that could be my grandparents trying to improve their life by making money with a life saving service (the blood, plasma etc. is sold to hospitals and other medical businesses) that grew into its own industry. few are there, because they like the idea of helping somebody, it’s rather a welcome side effect. and then we collect the money and walk over to the tobacco store and smoke it up.

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