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DIY projects #6 – candles vs. cancer

January 30, 2016 - theuniverse -

this post is about helping Rowan, the 15 year old daughter of the local grocery store owner in Kaslo (near Nelson), who recently was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Kaslo is a story book place with less than a thousand villagers located right on the shore of Kootenay lake.

we’ve been living in a cabin 8 km from here since shortly after tree planting 2015. even though jobs are hard to find around here, we were lucky to get hired HoneyCandles last fall.


all products shipped out into the world from here are hand- poured pure beeswax and natural dyes,


wicked, melted, wrapped, labeled, packaged and…


… finally shipped if they don’t get eaten.


some of them actually look like you could eat them, but I guess that
wouldn’t be too much fun.

if you think this is a great fund raising project and you have some spare change to get someone a nice valentines gift and to help a family, buy this one, instead of helping, the teeth demolishing but delicious, chocolate industry – support your locals!



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