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DIY projects #3 – montreal, canada!

November 15, 2014 - theuniverse -

it’s a passion to use raw and semi-raw materials in order to build, to transform, or to reconstruct a do-it-yourself skate park. and some guys and girls implement those materials into the natural or/and man-made environment – take some cement, garbage, debris, sand, water, wood, planks, concrete mixer, screws and a screwdriver, go out and craft something for the good of others, a social benefit.

get your ass off the couch and conquer a wasteland next to your neighbourhood. abandoned industrial wastelands are adventure playgrounds for people wiling to metamorphose plane areas into grey, romantic skate spots. let’s help city planners to take down the walls they build around us. all you need is flying around on the streets around your corner. gather those materials and a bunch of friends, donor your sweat blood and dirt – now!

this series is about fellowship and a world wide community. it’s about you!

montreal b&w 29

far away from down town Montreal (the European-style ‘heart’ of French Canada), hidden within bushes and trees lies the ‘projet 45’. it takes almost 1 1/2 hours to get to the outskirts of the city, but once you’re there, you’re stoked, but first confused…
when I hopped out of the bus, I crashed into a big mountain dew camper. ice cold sugar drinks for everybody, for free. I asked the mountain dudes about the DIY project and they pointed at the giant hall behind me. no way somebody did this monstrous disaster by himself. I walked towards it anyways, to find an extensive indoor skate park with a lot of poor planned obstacles. way too much, way too expensive and of course, fortified…

montreal b&w 27

I kept walking, through high gras and a couple of ditches until I hit the spot of my desire and it was absolutely worth finding it.
the DIY park is a playground with everything a skateboarders heart wants, but too much to number. the girls and guys were awesome and
they welcomed us right away, telling me all I wanted to know about the project.


we hung around with the folks, had beers and barbecue and just enjoyed skateboarding and ourselves – what more do you want? It’s not expensive, maybe costs a little effort, but pays you back, when you know you made some new friends…



[Nikon FM2/35-105mm_3.5/Kodak Portra 400/Epson 3200]

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35mm film photography and messy writing about the boring human features of people . contagious. accidental. coincidental. featured on blog. story about sailing, drugs, puppy litters, abuse,
35mm film photo series about the boring human feature of yawning. contagious. accidental. coincidental.
35mm film photo series about the boring human feature of yawning. contagious. accidental. coincidental. featured on blog