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disconnecting ourselves / a melody of the Internet

December 1, 2016 - mirrormirror -

how much internet can we (ab)use to boost ourselves into the illusion of a somewhat popular existence?

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so many other services have been enabling hordes of bored youngsters to some sort of collective online-rape of, well, pretty much anything available; like all hipsters on earth instantly took over the entire social-media-arena of the world-wide-web. what it’s ultimately about: applause for ourselves and for whatever we’re after; climbing mount everest or other scy-scapers, dancing along its edge, or hopping trains are the rather exciting activities, until some kid looses a leg or their life and mommy and daddy sue everybody in town to drown their grief in reimbursement for a loved one.
from the top of fast-paced-short-life-entertainment it drops quickly down to an extremely inflationary amount of people, who’re doing nothing, but showing what they think they have:

I call them self-made-social-media-successors, that seem to be racing through the Aether of the Internetz. there’s been many times, when friends and I have wasted hours of conversations about how people take poor ideas and mix it with low, or no substance nor skill and fail while being relatively successful (and again there comes the hipster!2.0). but, ok, this might sound confusing. for example: go and rent a big transport truck and paint ‘East-to-West-Shopping-Tour’ + #hipthrift all over your vehicle. then raid all thrift stores (you wanna hit the small towns!) on your way. after you get back to Vancouver, or Toronto, NYC, or Portland rent a storefront and have a nice opening party (get some blow, it’s been cool again – for a while) to supply the hipster- and yuppie- and yupster-communities with leather-coats you salvaged or snatched for $1, but now worth $75 – with that margin you did good voting Donald Trump into the white house, you guys would become good friends!
a wave of soccer-mom-SUVs or 4Runners (National Geographic mentioned them in one of their recent issues) is flooding america east-west-bound, armed with photographs from their crappy digital SLR and / or ‘recycled’ thrift store goods, ‘tailored’ into sexy dresses so you can dance to their play-lists, because they’re obviously Dj’s too (forgive me, I just don’t like the sound of the term Djane, since few today are actual ‘DiskJockeys’).

let’s be real: a little(big) butt, a little boob in front of a nice background and you stir it into your social-media-soup, spicing it with the features of your second life existence, in order to gain as many ‘followers’ as possible to tell you how great you’re doing holding that tiger-baby, but your bra is cute too. if Jesus would have had access to Instagram and Twitter before Mohammed, we’d ALL be carrying a bible, wait, the E-bible, but we’re not Jesus and we don’t have that many followers…

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