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July 7, 2016 - whoneedslove -

experimental german sausage fiesta in Mainz, Jan 2016 . . .

date: 2016/01/07

place: boppstr. 74 Mainz (Germany)

participants: Bunny, Mr.Nuclear, Bear

environment: from room temperature to +90 Celsius, smoky, sweaty

expectation: three delicious (or potentially really bad) curry sauces to create a perfect and very german

Currywurst Fritten dish.


constants: Bratwurst, pureed tomatos, curry, salt, beer (both constant & variable), homemade fries

variables: heat, pepper, cilantro, red wine, crazy ten year old cheese, mayonnaise, lemon, oil, beer


1st sequence:

excited, fresh frying and cooking, happiness and desperation while figuring the right mixture with ingredients.
spilling noted as collateral damage.
a firework happening on the balcony.
Wolfgang Petry meeting Iron Maiden on the jukebox

2nd sequence:

Mr. Nuclear and the Bear are drunk, the fries are fucked.

Bunny hopping in a circle.
frightened her hair catch fire,
but running low on chipotle mayo.

firework on the balcony has ended.

3th sequence:

bunny down, two warriors of the wurst left.

they drowned in meat,
now attending the keg: Bear and Mr. Nuclear,

an epic flesh fuck to inspire you, even though it’s hot and summer outside, there’s always room for CurrryWurrst.

(!read this post as a metaphor for cooking instructions!)

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