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crap city

July 31, 2014 - mirrormirror -

the “world” is a term commonly used to refer to the entire global population of seven thousand million wasting their time and dumping garbage wherever they can…welcome to the planet, down in the dump, welcome to crap city!


the perfect place for the perfect family: mama&papa&thechild. an ocean view, the equator sun, dolphins and giant turtles and – of course – a lot of crabs eating a load of the crap you are consuming. shoes for yall, the daughter gets dressed…


… and walks from her early childhood on, the walk of shame. shame on you fashion designers of the world. who are you, telling the people to wrap their bodies up in the shit you make out of fabric, dictating trends. you rule. you decide. your rules decide if daughter is part of cool of the gang on the schoolyard and if she get’s banged by the whole football team. you make daddy lustful, when he dreams of pulling down your fancy pants and ripping it off the colleagues aged body. you’re poisoning the planet. choose sex or poison or both and dump your cloth in the end of the season. it’s time then to mix a new portion to sedate the people. it seems to be almost “fair”, that you make the youth starving to keep an unnatural shape of their bodies. millions of others are starving, right now, and no one cares. at least the models do their share, on stage, to show you what to wear next. and mommy buys oversized and looks ridonculous in them – happy birthday honey, you’re too fat.


enter wonderland. bring your money to the booth of your choice. drop your money and swallow your meal, chug your drink and get drunk. the layer of beer cans, puke (organic), fuel tents, zillions of cigarette butts, food leftovers (organic) and its packaging might turn into a new type of soil within the next 5000000 years – maybe – transforming local species into super plants. imagine a world, where you can pick beer from trees and you stroll over fields of already refined tobacco. get over the tragedy, it’s an illusion. take a rest from the drink and buy your next ticket to a festival of wonders. same shit, same dump.


go to the “careport”, the family deserves holidays, so they just go to another shithole. the airport takes care, gate to everywhere, instant movement, can the world shrink even faster? butterflies and the wonderful fear, like on a roller-coaster. you know nothing can happen. but even roller coasters crash sometimes. you hit the surface of the water, your luggage scatters – transforming into garbage – all over the great big sea. you complete the circle. you don’t know. you don’t care.

this garbage was collected on one of the islands at bocas del toro, panama

canon F1 – fujichrome velvia 50 (cross processed)


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