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Can your shaper surf?

November 21, 2015 - romanticpathofselfdestruction / whoneedslove -

I´m really glad that Luke asked me to join – especially because I consider myself more than a simple photographer. Buy the best camera around and shoot all the crazy shit you consider creative in autofocus.

Leave your shots without a title. So,that`s it? Trivial art. We all knee deep in front of you, artistic high majesty! Just another self-crowned ruler of uniformed conformance. This may be an accepted path, maybe even successful, may be easy … at the same time is easy boredoms best friend.

Valentin – ruff filmmelting Wallie

Already slipping of my central theme while phrases like “you`ve already said so much, you can never say enough” come along twisting, well, then I`ll threat those fags another time. First I even tumbled and thought a lot how to fuse our both worlds while an obvious answer was the whole time right in front of me: it’s photography, friendship and most of all SKATEBOARDING!


which tie and combine our inner fires. All the love` n` hate, successes and fuck up’s, desires to land this or that. A step further to manage a trick you love settled up high in your personal Frankenstein-Trick-Book-Creation look radical, authentic, dope, stylish, just satisfying enough for your inner soul and in that process the world that surrounds you, watches, envies and praises you. Every full blood skater knows the struggle to get there. Sweating pain `n` blood over and over again. Far above sociocultural convictions of an established, well educated, highly paid career, safeties and all the other crap most of the human race is willingly chasing. We don’t do it! The first protesting voices appear, they`re loud and they`re also right. What about Street League?! What about Nike SB!? Major contracts?! What about Skaters earning millions of dollars (a year)? Yeah, they exist. They`re real and it`s cool to see that Skatebaorder can make a living out of their painful passion, feed their family, build a house, a backyard pool, a megaramp. Not a lot of `em and the view who rule the mass-media top are overpaid, while a huge bunch of others is underrated, hidden, self-chosen to cover themselves in a suit of realness, not interested in any benefits that might come along or just for the moment waiting to break through. Fact is that no matter where you stand or how you want Skateboarding in general to be; broke caveman style or mass media sellout superstar shit; your set of mind, your determination, is the most important thing to keep on pushing boundaries. To go on. To try.

Valentin who was on fire that day: 50-50 up Beanplant off.

Valentin who was on fire that day: surfin` 50-50 up – Beanplant off on soaped film

Even tricks are not that important as it may seem to some.

Sentences like: “Can you do a Kickflip?” “How many stairs can you manage?” are meaningless cuz` I`m here, sweating, existing, so what the fuck do you want me to prove anyways?! Shooting down a hill, around a poolcorner, up a ramp, high-speed, feeling more freedom and fun than in any other life situation. That`s the seft-chosen self-centred safety I really need! The thrill that provokes my daily breathing and pushes myself more and more towards perfection. While the pavement rushes faster and faster under your feet your view and mind open up, get wide, while all troubling thoughts disappear into dust – simply blown away. They vanish while a huge bright crocodile smile appears on your face. Open-minded and free down the daily drain it goes. Why you ask? One reason is that we don’t push for artificially War Pig created boarders, to be part of a nation, a uniform, a gun. NO, if you’re real, you push mainly for yourself. Not for zombie-minded, mass-media blinded creations of career thoughts which are all based on getting higher to become “better” than the less wealthy person next to you. Greedy bullshit of more and more. Closing in step by step. Shutting down door by door! Transmitted on every fucking channel on your oversized TV. Tune in and see: But, … not me!

Philipp - Handplant

Philipp – Handplant – such a rare, eye-catching trick in these Switchflip days. The Kidney Pool gets no mercy from this guy, eighter. I love his origin roots.

To be critical, radical, enlightening, wild and free. Get higher? Hellyeah, I want that shit, too! But most of all when I smoke my weed or blast far above my comfort zone to take of for a while. Enjoy the flight. Watch the creepy mess under my feet. Unleashed cynical sarcasm, dark humour and unique art to escape all those artificially formed human-ants. Kept in cages, prejudice rages. Creeping down there. A endless search for meaning, safety, a place to belong, something to prove, someone to love. … just to put it straight, all those things are pure and natural human desires with nothing to blame about. I`m searching, like you could guess, too, just that my journey is multiple personal disorder swayed, with diverted egos inside fighting for that one special inner fire, to sparkle `till I explode. Like you, just more disturbed, odd and twisted.

Till - Wallie

Till – Wallie over pyramid`s top down the drain on blackwhitened soap

Riding faster then I’ve been ever before and still have a convenient feeling of control which leads to a risky, often painful, repeating play of tries and errors. In our case so called: tricks. Is all the safety I, at least for the moment, seek. Not knowing if you will be able to make it, still hanging on while doing the shit is a huge kick which can’t be compared with any pay-check of a company you’re bending your body and beliefs for. We all are our own DIY companies. Chefs, CEOs, getting countless mind-blowing rewards, bonuses, raises, acquittals from pain. Globally transmitted news of winning the self-chosen terrorising game.

A superb session with your beloved buddies and girls – please ladies, if you feel me: stop shopping, start dropping – is so much more worth than any oversized “object-x” in your interior designer crafted bright modern boring livingroom and this, my friend, is the point which separates US and THEM!

Shadowrider Piet - 3.60.flip.180.out. Third try. He´s a beast!

Shadowrider Piet – 3.60.flip.blunt.1.80.out. Third try. He´s a fullstyle beast landing them for days! His Backside Lateflips over the hip are also just like heaven.

We know what we want:

Pure and intrinsic.
We know what we need:

Daily drops. Adrenalin rushes, drawing carving lines with artistic brushes.

Ripping our asses of and bodies apart to get there is the price we willingly pay and when we finally arrive the feeling is indescribable. Relieving, intense, overwhelming, but way to short. So you push further. One more push. One more run, the fun has just begun. Harder! Faster!! Anywhere. Anytime. Alone or in a group. Lucky US, with so much freedom kicks on our minds. Envy THEM judged by referees, embedded in forced times, uniformed, blind, with no creative kicks or visions on their shallow sight.

As this text develops I feel a strong inner connection with Idol Jay Adams who proclaimed 20 years of summer vacation for the Dogtown Posse. I proclaim it a lifetime for everyone who keeps on pushing, even more, for the whole world. An exaggerated opinion you say, just wait `n see. First you’re in you can’t escape! When you keep on pushing all the afford of a Skatebaorder`s life will pay of eventually. Give you endless joy, confidence, persistence, ambition, creativity, grounding, chances to make and deepen so many different friendships with all the good times coming, on and off board, along, but most important, the groundbreaking opportunity to travel the world with hungry shredding eyes to skate and create. To turn this cold – human-hand stubbed, milled, paved over, choked, polluted, killed urbanised earth – concrete jungle, where aseptic business and consume paradises reach out suited, straight towards sky to play along with god, back into a coexisting, felt, responding life form. How ridiculous is it, that a Skateboard, a toy, a former joke can throw this static world we`re all thrown in upside down?!

Till - Fingerflip Sweeper Creeper - nobody throws his deck so full of style wide over his head to catch it save, ready to drop!

Till – Fingerflip Sweeper Creeper – nobody throws his deck so full of style wide over his head to catch it perfecty. Childsplay, ready to drop!

Haha, I love it though! So keep on pushing your heartbeat to the ground! Obsessed with this addiction the whole urban world is our reanimated endless playground. Standing there, waiting, dead for most of folks, alike, dull, … but nor for us. We smell possibilities, see challenges, admire adventure, even virgin ground is to find here and there. Perfect curves but nobody seems to care. So put on your shoes, take off your soft gloves and start ripping. Let mother earth feel some driven loving! For the start I feel our worlds combined.

—————– —– — — –

Luke and me?

We’ll push,

you’ll see!

—————– —– — — –

——- —– — — –

All photos were shot on one single day this spring at one of my favourite places to be. Neumünster`s sweet concrete combined with ripping, cordial locals. A paradise with no stress, no beef, just unique fantastic buddies and their shared passion to shred. Can`t wait to roll with you guys again.

—————————– —– — — –

Benny - Bs No Comply

Benny – Backside No Comply ready to fly – offering a last glimpse of concrete`s sweet ground – buy buy! See you some time soon araound.

Camera: Canon A1 + Canon 24mm/2.8f lens

————— —– — — –

Kodak BW400 film

——- —– — — –

Cheers A.K.-47

—– — — –

— — –

— –


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