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Call to Action

February 26, 2015 - whoneedslove -

This is a call to action

This is a call to arms

Pick up our friends and family

The ones we led to harm


Shattered visions, dreams destroyed

Our white fathers, sadistically smiling

As they mutilate familial bonds

Under the false pretense of peace

So fucking beguiling


In the business of stealing souls

An insatiable appetite

But our hearts are bankrupt

We must liquidate our assets

And return that which we stole


Countless people fighting

For their specific causes

We must use our ill gotten power

Acting as a semicolon

To unite their separate clauses


I might add to this, but I feel pretty good about it right now. I just started writing in the past couple of months and this is the first politically charged (if you can call it that) piece that I have written. It initially started out as a blog post entitled “Why I hate feminism, gay rights, and black rights”. I wanted to talk about how I think people need to unite for human equality as we would have strength in numbers, more people to relate and empathize, and I forget my third point. I am in the middle of reading “Three Day Road”, and I realized, through the injustice the Native’s faced, that being an extremely privileged white male, we are the ones with all of the power, at least for now. I can’t lie and say that I am incredibly knowledgeable about all of the wrong doings¬†of white people. I intend on doing more reading about it, so as to educate myself, and in turn help spread a message of love. I hope you enjoy.

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