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bullies and part-time-hippies

September 6, 2015 - mirrormirror -

the dream of peace and freedom of past decades is haunting us in form of a great vehicle and its exploitation as a status symbol for bored yuppies and other friends.

Buying VW BUSSES 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s campers, vans, any condition says an Ad in a local newspaper in Southern B.C. – it reflects the renaissance of an automobile that’s been going on since they were produced for the first time – the VW Bulli (German nickname) was born into its own renaissance, revival, cult.

What you get is the affordable home on wheels, often including a bed and a kitchen; room for the small family. I remember going on holidays to Scandinavia with my parents, a bunch of sisters and brothers packed into the T3 model of the late 1980’s.

For some a useful family car, for others a hippie wagon it became precious tool and adorable fellow for many generations.

Produced first in Germany, Volkswagen (which means ‘car for the people’) also had the Bulli produced in South America (Brazil) until not too long ago to supply the (North-)American market. I doubt there would be any of the hordes of Campers out here, if the Germans hadn’t established factories in the South. However, back in Europe having a VW camper in my experience meant frequent repairs and, depending on which model you’re loving, hunting for car parts. But still people would cheer and wave if they saw one of them rattling down the Autobahn – a driven dream, still for many seeking for a chunk of freedom.


The chunk of freedom is what people believe they can buy for money and in times of collective confusion about where to go and what to do with their lives there is a collateral damage: the Bulli.

Also built for people living on the fast lane of life it can do a great deed on slowing those down, giving them a place to live, a shelter for rain and room for dogs, but the reality sadly reminds of the real estate industry: you find the campers everywhere, driving through British Colombia without seeing one every 10 minutes is impossible and I mean impossible. People love them, or they love the idea of living the dream and since we live in a world where you can buy dreams, the demand must be significant and the prices rude and outrageous. The prices for each model (most popular from T1 – T3) range and depend on year and condition and how it’s equipped. If you’re smart and you’re seriousley chasing the dream you might get the matching VW handbook and a bunch of tools and start your own project. If you’re smart, greedy and chasing the business you got all that, you fix it up and supply the demand of part-time-hippies on vacation: I just met a couple, both hard working people, who saved up money to live the dream of the chunk of freedom somewhere between North and South America – the dream cost wholesale $12,500 for a T3 model. Stealing the dream, or borrowing an illusion? You tell me! Fact is, that in our capitalistic world the dream or illusion dies starting at a price the car was sold for when it was first delivered. that’s what happens when usefulness competes with the market over value and trend.

I was always wondering how bad guys with heavy machines feel about riding their Harley Davidsons through valleys, suburbs and cities? Guys and girls living their passions, knowing and loving their bikes, how do they feel about the soccer mom on the back of a $25,000 Harley daddy takes out of the double garage once in spring and once in fall? I know people of both kind, maybe I write a post about it.

after discovering the peak of a development I completely disagree with: ‘smart’ ex-part-time-hippies, fixing up a fleet of Bullies to rent them out, I went into my cave, came out and realized:

fuck off I found my own club! If some guys wanna play on a certain playground with exclusive toys, why do I care? I’ve found something new:


our Dodge Snake Camper Van has served us already over 5000km without bailing on us. The interior in Moulin Rouge establishing an exotic shaggin’ waggon for real kids with real games (it comes with a special edition bed in the back) – beat that bitch!

[photos: Nikon FM2 / Olympus Trip35]

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