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Bob, Thereza and the Nazi Hermann Goehring

February 16, 2016 - mirrormirror / theuniverse -

a blurry story about our neighbor Bob meeting a Nazi as a kid . . .

Bob is old. Bob is lives a little bit like a hermit up a dirtroad somewhere in the Selkirk Mountains. he’s been married to Thereza since the day she was born 11 years ago – she’s old now too. still, they both care deeply about each other and never leave the other one alone.



Bob & Thereza

Bob also likes to come over and tell stories. all his stories are worth listening to, but one is particularly exciting – but maybe not fully true. it goes like this:

his father was a medical doctor for the royal swedish forces in the early 20th century. his fathers job brought they family to scandinavia between the two  world wars. some time around 1930 Bob visited Sweden and Reichsmarshall Hermann Goehring Рone of the top nazis himself Рtook him on a trip with a little aircraft. Bob says, that his memory is very blurry, but he remembers the man as a very friendly and tender man.

I read a book a few years ago, in which the Israelin author (partially based on true events) made up a story about a n SS-officer, who was close behind the marching front, when the Germans raided east into the Sovjet Union. the bottom line of the book is, that even mass murderes are human beings with emotions both: hate and love. the text caused international irritation.

however, a man, who loves his family does not equal a good man. especially if you work for a regime, that kills people. Hermann Goehring, fuck you!

[Nikon EL2/35-105mm_3.5/Kodak Portra 400]

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