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blaming the 90s – electronics

March 30, 2017 - mirrormirror -

so we’ve been blaming the 90s a couple of weeks ago and it’s time to pick the topic up again . . .

to justify a few things here: I grew up as a teenager throughout that bloody dull decade, so I’m talking from first hand experience!

for some reason I thought the Spice Girls were the ultimate experience that could happen to a world in change, proposing

equality and peace, while (automotive-) designers committed unspeakable crimes in terms of electronics:

I’m driving a 1989 Jeep Cherokee these days and I bet my ass, that, whoever in charge for the interior design, including

all electronics saw themselves leaping into a bright future of gadgets and accessories, which – sorry – NO ONE NEEDS.

pretty much everything fails. windows don’t go down. the windshield-wiper doesn’t know fuck anything in rain,

the horn doesn’t honk and the massage-chair-like seats can’t be adjusted – thanks to the tech-age.

people are hunting down older doors, seats, etc. to replace the newer junk with a little bit of reliability.

I mean I really just don’t want to die drowning in a river, because I can’t put the god damn windows down.

fuck that.

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