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Being broke can be fun too

December 6, 2014 - mirrormirror -

That lady who takes sugar packets and cream from restaurants and diners

The woman who shoves a hundred spare napkins into her purse

The one who never turns on lights

and uses candles candles and even more candles.


Hello, nice to meet you. I am that lady.

Less severe at times but often I do do strange things that make me feel like I’m saving small amounts of money.  However, it’s less about saving money and more about the excitement of getting things for free. Freebies freebies freebies, I’m all about them freebies. I’ve compiled a list of things below…sorry if you work at any of these or similar establishments and you hate people like me…but also I’m not sorry.


I’m going to keep doing it anyway.



1 – “Easy freebies”

This includes small packet type things you can find at most fast food restaurants and coffee shops:

Sugar, salt & pepper, honey, cream, napkins, straws, plastic forks/spoons, vinegar, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, soy sauce, chopsticks, etc.


2- Dumpster Diving

It’s amazing how much is thrown away that’s still good.  So far (after 3 dives) we have collected lettuce, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, oranges, plums, apples, $100+ worth of yoghurt,  garlic, carrots, papaya, bananas, peppers, onions, bread, grapes, zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, tomatoes, mint leaves, sweet potatos and more! Check the dumpster behind your local food market/convenience store before garbage day- try going a couple times a week to figure out which day of the week has the biggest haul.  Avoid big brand grocery stores like Metro and Loblaws, most of these shred their produce before throwing it away…shame shame shame.

!!!stay tuned for more photos from dive adventures on the

For The Whole World To See facebook page!!!


3 – Self hair cuts

Cutting hair can be scary, but just trust yourself and take your time.  If the cut turns out not to be what you were going for exactly but more manageable and half-decent do not fret – it is hair and it’ll grow back.  You’ll get better at it every time. And hey man, that’s another 30-60 bucks you’ll keep in your dwindling savings account. Victory!


4 – Su regalo es mi regalo

Buying an album on CD of a band both my friend and I like as a gift for their birthday…before giving it to them I open the packaging, rip the songs to my iTunes, and give it a good 2 play-throughs in the car.

“You like Wavves, I like Wavves…

I guess I know what I’m getting us for your birthday.”


That’s all for now folks.

I will most certainly continue to do more broke inspired acts and believe you me I’ll let you know all about it.


Don’t spend it all in one place.

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