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February 19, 2016 / romanticpathofselfdestruction //

Last week I went to America with the intention of driving down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so that I might witness Donald Trump in concert.

December 3, 2015 / romanticpathofselfdestruction //

  the terror of takeoff Are we all going down in flames? It’s been seventeen hours since I had a cigarette… Ah man I wanna GO somewhere – Anywhere eat some weird shit, be lost feel stupid; be ignorant lose shit; get ripped off not understand anything meet Germans in hostels get too drunk, do drugs maybe…

November 4, 2015 / mirrormirror //

Now, everybody knows that internet security is nonexistent.

January 1, 2015 / mirrormirror //

On the day that the World was supposed to End a couple of years back in 2012, I left the United States, bound for another crack at Mexico. I’d just about spent all of my money. I walked right on into Tijuana. Nobody stopped me, nobody wanted to see my passport, the Mexicans didn’t care….

December 20, 2014 / mirrormirror //

Is “Activism”, as a word, dead? Has it gone upon the cross like the words “Communism”, “Democracy”, “Religion”?

December 3, 2014 / mirrormirror //

It must be Winter… Autumn’s leaves bright golds reds oranges, greens brown paste now. Autumn’s leaves forming a brown paste on the sidewalk in the gutters Not only Nature’s palette is running short: Over 2o colourful Tshirts, a Hawaiian shirt, too! have to hide them under 1 0f 3 jackets now army green one, brown one, or  black…


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