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America will never be Great again (re-post)

November 11, 2016 - romanticpathofselfdestruction -

inspired by Americas triumphal elections, I did some thinking about (Mc)Donald(Trump), aliens, flying, borders . . .

the facts I base my ‘profound’ statement come from a variety of situations, meetings, observations, readings and other moments with citizens of a country, in which people – if they could – might elect Bacon into administration.
speaking of food: maybe its coincidence, but McDonald and Donald Trump seem to have a connection, both being immensely rich institutions of a TV-nation the people trust – for the countries politics it probably wouldn’t make a difference if BigMac or BigTrump would reign, as long as their actions brings back some action and strength and power to ease the despair over loosing the job as a world-sheriff-guardian-free-world-bla-blub-leader.

I’ve heard often that meeting people in the US is supposed to be a very pleasing experience; welcoming and warm-hearted
compared to meeting them abroad the image stuck in my brain is more like drawn with arrogance, superiority, white, whiter and very white colors.
for example I can’t get over crashing into a hippie shamball-balla dude in Panama City, who freaked out on an old lady in a guest house, because she couldn’t give him change for his $100 bill. ok, countries like Panama, Costa Rica and many others are sadly americanized, but that doesn’t mean you have act like a fuck. same as that bunch of football college kids trying to start a brawl on an indigenous island, or the high school class chanting, yelling ‘USA USA USA’ simply, because they thought that they had waited long enough and it was time for the custom officers to check them in – oh my, have all the gods forgotten America? in all situations I felt embarrassed and ashamed for my skin color, I deeply wished I was purple or green or something.
all that happened early summer 2013. late winter 2016 I’m reading an article from a 1989 National Geographic about Mexican border patrols. the patrols supervisor says:

‘we’re protecting jobs for America…Illegal aliens burglarize houses, steal cars to get out of the area. they drink beer, proposition schoolgirls on their way to school and drive away customers at malls if they wait for employers there.’

the magazine also states, that studies have shown that illegal workers are more likely to be good people, who’re not getting into trouble simply, because they fear getting arrested. they also are less likely to use welfare than average workers, while paying into the Soical Security and tax systems, adding more to the economy than they take – wow!

again traveling, but another little tale from an Delta operated American Airline flight. the safety video was so made with such an amount of dumbness it makes you so dull you can’t even laugh any more. I didn’t learn much about aircraft safety, but why making a joke over something and putting enough money into some thing can change politics and maybe elections. the whole ‘presidential race’ is about boring, bite-size funny chunks with easy language seeking to grab enough attention to lift a Donald Trump into charge.
like Arnold Schwarzenegger and he’s not even American, he’s just an icon, representing strength in an insane way and through that image, even though he can’t really speak and write (I read his autobiography ‘Total Recall’) he wins, because its about the picture of an iron-muscle-America over the top of the rest of the world.

in all this mess about a land home to so many great movie- and porn stars the only thing we can do is taking it with humor and with the slogan:

‘Mullets over America’

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