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Alice & OZ – ‘pornography’

April 16, 2015 - whoneedslove -

this is the reflection between two characters about the blurry fantasies we paint – with alcohol and other mind altering substances – around our world – around us.

tonight Alice and OZ talk about their experiences with porn and how it affected their sexual biographies . . .


Pornography on VHS smuggled through dark and hidden paths into the rooms of our youth lays in the past. The internet brought a secret revolution of broken dreams and unpleasant illusions and explained to millions how to do it, how it looks and how everything. Its funny and also symptomatic for our societies that some of the first popular websites were porn-sites. We were young, but the boys and girls, who’re running the pages were grown ups, adults, the ones supposed to save our asses from the boobies and pussies of the world – that failed, but sex sells and that’s why they they keep producing and consuming it until the dicks are crooked.
Obviously not everybody is like that and I don’t know if my dad ever consumed any kind of porn, but he found mine. One day I came back from school and found a note on my desk. It said that sex would be something god-given, wonderful and belonging to the things hubby and wife hide in their treasure chest under the bed – or something like that. Porn on the other hand would be something that (as mentioned before) was invented by evil (religious term) people and just causes, well, probably a crooked dick.
That brings me to the point where my mind wanders around the (side-)effects of watching pornography. In my opinion nothing’s wrong with selling your body. As long as nobody forces you to do something or – even better – you might be enjoying whatever you’re doing, then – for gods sake – do it, go out, shoot porn, prostitute yourself, fund your studies, pay your rent, buy cheese and crackers.
The problems are the ‘reality’ and the ‘2nd-reality’ and the wall in between people crash into eventually. The 2nd-reality is the one in which reduced objects of flesh, acting on their lowest instincts, bang the shit out of each other. The boobs, the vagina, the butt are in focus, the face might count too, but you won’t find a pimple, any other kind of skin irritation or hair or something that might be identified as a hint of slight imperfection. The 2n-reality doesn’t reveal how a body smells, what it feels like to touch him or her or how your partner reacts and interacts with you. Starring at the screen you’re the master, you decide what to see, what not, where to stop and when to ejaculate. Masturbation can give relief to the desperate, but what’s left to passion?
Being 15 and bursting I masturbated like people smoke, eat cookies or chew chewing gum. My image of how sex is supposed to happen was very much influenced by the illusion porn movies had given me throughout my youth. If you feel guilty jerking off, because you were taught it was a sin, makes you not less wanting it, but it makes you sad.

A misleading education and the questionable attitude towards sex from my parents confused my world full of little wonders and adventures if you let them happen. Objectified, idealized bodies became superior alpha females for me – they turned me on, they scared me, how could I ever pleasure them?
My sexuality under constant attack, I had to learn to accept the other one with every single imperfection. Discovering the miracles of pheromones, the natural source of aphrodisiacs, reveals new dimension of sexual experiences and completes a sexual relationship. Boys grow beards if they can, girls have to shave their legs, pussies, butts, armpits, moustaches, arms, because they can not not grow. It’s a trap. Can’t we just give up those pointless issues and put more effort and energy into increasing the quality of our sex lives?
The overconsumption of porn objectifies girls to the bone until nothings left than the cum shooting out of our dicks – butt that’s my opinion.


Alice has got nothin to say about pornography – in fact, she doesn’t even like them ‘pornos’


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