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Alice & OZ – cum-back with mother nature

September 15, 2016 - whoneedslove -

we’re back, after more than a year of crawling through this dirty world to generate a massive amount of input to put it out here for your curiosity – you little scum-bag.

let’s have some sex, outside, in public, with wildlife and about why water is not a great lubricant:


Fornication, the word is as dry and lacking in excitement as the act with this one particular person. the word falls limp in ones mouth at the attempt of any interesting conversation or social interaction. it is both scientific and mundane like the rhythmic thrusting of the evenings itinerary. this specific moment as grotesquely ordinary as it may have seemed, happened to be in the out of doors, under a splendid canopy of spruce, on delicate moss and soft needles. plump brown sparrows whistled in the last of the summer sun. bugs buzzed harmoniously and as if the setting could not have been more perfect, the soft steps of a spotted fawn approached us. completely at ease it inched closer and curiously watched us. it was astoundingly magical if not for the nauseating weight of the completely unaware imbecile that continued to puncture my groin with his manhood. faint trickling of stream water over stones could be heard over blunt moans of the saddening lump on top of me. my mind floated to the small patches of sky through the trees while my body layed like petrified wood. and as if my prayers were answered, all was over with one rigid body movement. i quickly sat up and collected the fruits of his loin before they had time to infect me. i dressed quickly and as he grabbed my arm to take me briskly back to civilization i whispered goodbye to the previously innocent fawn.


counteracting the rising desperation over frustrating sex with the beauty of nature is great. but sex itself is great too. and we need it. if horniness takes over and we undergo under-stimulation or we simply don’t have some body in reach we can fuck we go crazy. after a while I feel like a predator, waiting to attack prey – the intercourse – with another predator (sex-partner). if you happen not to live in a house, or apartment but in a little caravan you’re sharing with people and dogs on a road-trip you’re in trouble; where to go to let the animal out? outside? maybe:
all of us covered their bodies with mud running wild along the sandy shore and the rocks on the beach we found and chose for relief through sexual activity were so hard it hurt. then what would you expect from an impossibly uncomfortable ground but painful sex.┬áthe pretty, thin blanket didn’t help and the illusion of comfort was literally broken by gray rock scraping my back and butt, while organs, skin and flesh in vain tried to room for the densest formations. even though boats loaded with wooh-girls instead of cute fauns were passing by, the act itself made up for all, because it was passionate and full of love, goose-bumps chasing cold chills of light suffering.



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