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“Activism” is dead

December 20, 2014 - mirrormirror -

Is “Activism”, as a word, dead? Has it gone upon the cross like the words “Communism”, “Democracy”, “Religion”?

We use a lot of words in terms of “Politics” and “Journalism” that just don’t mean to people what they’re supposed to anymore. Who cares if Anarchism is a very meritable idea? The problem is that these words take on misguided feelings that accompany them in the public subconscious. When most people hear the word “Anarchy”, they imagine in their minds facemasked mobs throwing bricks at armoured police, they imagine chaos, Molotov cocktails. Anarchy will never ever happen under the label “Anarchy”. Not in the proper way that the purists envision, at least. When Anarchy reigns, wild men seize power. Bikie gangs, chaos. Molotov cocktails. No. Anarchy is dead.

Now, there are indeed ideas that are wonderful to be lifted from this philosophy; for example: the whole thing with downscaling governments and making communities more self-sufficient. Through de-centralisation, towns and cities would indeed be able to focus all of their attention into doing things locally, focusing on the problems at hand, making changes. But you can’t call your political charge Anarchy. It’s a dead word. Hasn’t caught the public imagination yet, why would it ever? Especially now that it’s got all of these apocalyptic feelings that spring up merely at the mention of the word itself.

Perhaps this first happened to the word “Religion”. This is wholly due to the work of churches who have used the power of the unseen as a means to their own ends. Making themselves seem as essential middlemen between you, the children of the universe, of God, and the Holy Spririt. That same holy spirit that hides in the perfect avocado, that refrain that really seems to SPEAK to YOU, those a-little-too-unbelievable coincidences (magic/miracles) that you’ve witnessed over the course of your life.That feeling of fulfillment in your soul in times of darkness and in times of peace. You need neither a middleman, nor a label, for that. “Religion” was killed by the Catholics. The same bastards who led the crusades,¬†took the New World’s gold, and strung up Jesus himself.

More recently the word “Communism” was murdered by media and Western government. And even though “Socialism” seems to be working perfectly fine in Scandinavia, it’s a dead word in the West. Maybe because nobody really knows the difference between Socialism and Communism anyway. Who the fuck has time to Read Engels or Marx? These words stand not for knowledge, they stand for feelings. It is rare to find somebody who really knows what any of these systems are really about. Hell, I don’t know either. I don’t really care to. I’d like to think we can take some ideas from the Swedes, to help us fix the massive problems with our “Capitalist” “Democracy”; but perhaps it’s just better to look at what we have, in this current day, and make the changes that we see fit.

I get the sense that the word “Activism” is the next to go. It got very sick staying in the streets way too long after the Occupy movement. It’s demands are quite often unreasonable, even if they are ethical. It’s got a “Hipster” feeling to it. A little of the “Anarchist” concern too: that any peaceful protest could well end in a full-scale riot. It’s a bit too extremist, the word Activism. People are starting to cringe away from it. Especially in the wake of this whole Greenpeace on the Nazca Lines thing. That moment, for me at least, signals the end of it.

The media is at war with “Activism” as an ideology – because activism really is one of the best ways to change the world. Social movements and people with passion getting together to improve life on Earth. I mean, that’s maybe the most important people can ever do with their lives. To make the world a better place somehow. We just can’t call it activism anymore. It’s time to drop the tags and just do good for good’s sake. Have ideas and not keep them under umbrella terms that are too big for their own boots and are so easily torn down and attacked and rendered worthless by those who oppose. Take elements of all these great ideologies and do whatever you like with them, let them play their important roles in formulating YOUR worldview. Then manifest these changes in your life to propel yourself forward and inspire those around you. That’s how you change the world.

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