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a waste of space with brutal concrete architecture

February 9, 2017 - theuniverse -

this photo post got as gray as possible, naturally . . . a 60s-‘city in a city’

Hanover is an OK place.
it’s settled in the middle of germany, if you look from east to west.
it’s definitely not in the east and it was far enough from the wall, which divided the country until almost three decades ago.

Hanover never feels to be outstanding. I was born and partially grew up there, but my memory of it is, well, rather gray.
like the Hannover96 soccer team. their colors are green and black, but they’ve always been a ‘mediocre’ team and since soccer is
extremely important to germans – culturally and even politically – Hanover simply doesn’t keep up with the ‘major leagues’.

at the same time Hanovers (city-)character has never been outstanding either – it’s nice, but not much more.

maybe that’s why city developers in the 50s and 60s started compensating what Hanover was lacking by starting a megalomania project,
in the fashion of the former GDR-(german democratic republic) which was quickly manifested by a huge pile of scrap.

welcome to the IHME-centre.

this vast complex hosts countless housing units in high-rises, business-, retail-, and gastronomy space – which is mostly or nearly completely
an (ad)venture, that had started ambitiously, broke down, sold, was revitalized and droppedĀ  down into the depths of its own self-destructing spiral again and again..

some of the units still serve as apartments for students, but most is vacant until further notice. the underground levels, tunnels and dark corners, that came
with the design have always been occupied by graffiti artists, drug dealers, muggers, people partying, explorers and so on, but now most of it is fenced off.

I’ve been inside a few times, but this time we focused on capturing the size of the (close-to) downtown development area.

endeavors like this always leave me with a big question mark about wasting space and how affordable housing is doomed impossible by figures
like donald dump, who mix $-bills with concrete to pour themselves giant moulds of cocks to feed their greedy dick identities.

if you got $30 mil. put in a bid, it’s a steal, but remember, that the concept of building at a brutal scale with concrete was not ‘hip’ anymore by the mid-70s.

[Nikon FM2/35-105mm_3.5/Kodak Fuji 400]

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