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a two egged perspective / poem

May 5, 2016 - whoneedslove -

I’m looking

at blue and square.

under titles and captions.

a number of sub fantastic


I think – and numbers

000, 002, 003, 004, 005

006, 007, 008, 009, 010

011, 012, 013, 014, 015

lining up to

a private application .

the public, blind.

mixed mixed mixed,

another year,


the frame,

that surrounds the world

_ a wallpaper.

a scratch, a hint,

a twinkle, a binge.

I’m wrapping it up!

my life!

pack up my emotions

and put them into a trunk.

the soul,

storage of laughter of pain.

passion kills.

I’m looking at my life.

without titles and captions,

no numbers and no fantasy,

just a digit: 000.x.

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