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a (photo-)trip to Oregon and why there’s hope for America

January 7, 2017 - mirrormirror -

a small, hip town on the verge of getting over-saturated by hip people is a good example how America can be great again . . .
not too long ago we drove south, passed Seattle and Portland and ended up in a place, that couldn’t prove itself more beautiful.

the people seemed to be still struck by the news, that donald dump was from now on allowed to call himself ‘president-elect’.
some sort of collective apathy was hovering over Eugene, supported by a collective embarrassment impossible to ignore.
the ‘sane’ American citizen was simply sorry for what had happened.

long short: we talked to many Eugenees, went out for lunch, dinner & later to a concert and the tone was clear: to emphasize the WE,
that WE can make things better and stick together through a time of uncertainty, when a nut moves into the white house, instead of the
mental hospital – psychotic humans are unpredictable, so how can WE dodge what WE can’t foresee?

e.g. by:

.support your local(s) (why on earth does walmart still exist?)
.be a little rebel (especially by-laws should be treated more like ‘guide-lines’)
.speak up


we heard several times people talking about how politic-business – donald really bought himself an entire half a continent – is rather aiming to divide society through segregation, gentrification,
corporate companies and so many more factors, than bringing folks together. but it’s so simple: talk to your neighbor, grow with your neighborhood, care about your neighbors, have fellows, if you don’t, make friends.
it doesn’t take much to overturn a country, the states have just proven how money overturned a potentially amazing country. that amazing country might be dormant now, but can rise again through exactly the people we’ve talked to. it’s possible and it starts with you, us, WE.


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