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November 9, 2014 - theuniverse -

my friends and photographers Jason Steltman and April Winter invited me to their photo shoot at OCAD-University in Toronto a couple of days ago. it was my last day in the city, but it was worth every minute…

the first time I learned ‘first steps’ in studio shootings was actually a while ago in Montreal. I had no idea how much effort it costs to set up a scenery with lights, flashes, the right background, tools and – of course – the models to create a few final photographs.

to be honest, it’s not my thing, I rather go out and discover the world around me. I’m often too anxious and too impatient to have a real chance to get good or even stunning results. however, my friends know how to work with body, form and a matching concept, so I let them work.

after the first ‘documentary shots’ I found myself in the reflection of a giant screen hanging from the ceiling. I got a bit obsessed and played around with it until I had this one shot, that covers my making off the making of:


the rest of the day I spent taking photos of Jason and April taking shots, thanks for the good vibes and the great atmosphere!

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