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October 18, 2015 - romanticpathofselfdestruction / whoneedslove -

an interview and two songs of the greatest, infamous hobo wandering this planet . . .



I met you during tree planting this summer, the last time I saw you, you were piss drunk walking past me down the dirt road towards your tent, did you ever find it? how was your next morning?
That question covers such a broad number of nights. I am pretty sure I found it though, or at least Steph Jacobs did and then threw me in there. The next morning was undoubtedly filled with a lot of sighing, near pukes while bending over to plant an idiot tree and a lot of sitting on stumps. Pretty much how I start every day one of a shift.

what have you done since you left the camp?
Hit the road again! I fixed up my motorhome and was bombing around in that, but then it got a propane leak, and a leak in the radiator and I can’t drain the toilet because I shit in it all hungover and used wet naps to wipe. So I ditched it and did what any reasonable person would and started hobo style again. Much more cost effective and I don’t have to worry about carrying my poop around with me everywhere. 

what are you doing right now and what’s your plan for the fall and winter?
I am currently in Vancouver drinking some cans of kilkenny, contemplating the vast complexities of the walk down to the liquor store. I’m actually heading to England for the winter for more (drumroll please) treeplanting. Although I am hoping to not plant a single tree. I am gonna be crew bossing, which means sitting in a truck while everyone works in the rain. I also burned my planting bags in a drunken rage on the last day… so that’s a thing.

are you bringing your guitar?
Abso-fucking-loutley. Someone has to annoy the neighbors. 


what job were you exactly doing before you wrote ‘quit yer job’ – should everybody quit their job if the boss is a jerk?
Everyone should quit their job regardless. The only reason I tree plant is because you kind of quit every year for at least 8 months. At the time I wrote the song though, I was working in a kitchen as a cook, for fucking $9 an hour. I was doing lots of shit in that kitchen and asked for a raise like every paycheck and the would say “oh yeah! next one!” but it never came. I finally had enough and decided it was more intelligent to be a homeless, smelly alocoholic. 

you sing about ‘the train that never comes’ – are you talking about hopping trains in your tune, or/and about existential fears maybe?
Both. It is much worse waiting for the literal train that never comes though. I hate having to hitch out of some shit hole in the middle of fuckwhere saskatchewan. 

you got two dogs Vagabond and ?? you’re traveling with them wherever you go, even train hopping, how does that work?
It was easy when I only had Vagabond because he is a wiener dog. I just sewed two fanny packs together with some straps and carried him around like luggage. Now it is a lot harder with Swearengen. I mostly just complain alot now about everything. 

have you ever had a gig on a freight train? how many vagabonds were in the audience?
I have definitely played guitar on a train before. It’s pretty loud though. There was one time we fit 11 people and 9 dogs in a unit. Like the locomotive part at the end of the train. That was pretty ridiculous. 

when did you start making music?
When I found out that you didn’t need talent to play

I interpret your sound as some kind of dirty-punk-folk, how would you describe your music?

tell me a story about one of the most important experiences, traumas etc. that effected your life and your passions?
Well, I went to a Catholic school for 8 years. I was subjected to wearing a uniform, going to church at least twice a week and having an unflinching belief in god. Then I got to high school and was introduced to the idea of thinking for myself. And then punk rock. And then drugs and booze. It was the equivalent to a religious epiphany, only completely opposite. 

your stuff expresses reveals a lot of criticism towards authorities, society, the government, do you see your artistic work as a contribution for a change?
I see it more as an esoteric elbow ribbing. Most of the people that listen to my music already have deep seeded feelings of angst to a lot of the institutions in society. I don’t write music with the intention of “changing the world,” it’s more an outlet to gripe about my opinions. I know I am practically “preaching to the choir.” It is quite an amazing thing though to have someone tell you that your music has changed their life.   

we all hate cops – no question.
Why don’t we give cows bazookas and helicopters? Because we gave pigs guns and cars and look where that got us.


[the editor apologizes for the crappy photos of Tyler, he didn’t get him in front of his camera the entire summer mostly because they’d rather get drunk and pretty together.]

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