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July 31, 2016 - whoneedslove -

24 exposures / 24 beer-cans / 24 hours . . . when you work in the bush you have all kinds of creativity attacks. we bought a Ilford disposable and documented ourselves and friends shotgunning beer cans in 24 hours on 24 exposures, but caution: it might drive you drinking!

1_0002_3 2_0001_2 0003_5


we hope this 4-photo-love-story inspired you to walk out into the woods with a can of beer now. the shots were inspired by the rules manifested in the vehicle-binder stating, that alcohol on working premises leads to immediate dismissal.. haha, after 12 hours out there the only things we dismiss are the RULES!

6_0007_14 5_0011_22 7_0008_19 8_24345

another 4-shot-series framing a little part of our booze-nights.
BBC lists the job under the toughest on this planet and with that comes an infinite thirst for liquor after / during the shift. even if things are slow first at night, a shotgun will wake you up, vitalizing, viral and wonderful. 9_0012_24

all that contributes to a happier living in the Canadian wilderness, where so many things try to take you down, but with fellowship, shotgun and some love you literally climb every mountain!

[all shots taken in 24 hours during a regular day in the life of a tree-planter on Ilford HP5 disposable]

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